Since 2002 we've been working in the Holiday Rental sector in the Balearic, Canary and Levante Islands. Our portfolio of owners and thousands of satisfied clients are our best letter of introduction.

We're delighted to be able to advise you to find the best way to get the most out of your villa, complying with all the guarantees and always within a scenario of absolute transparency and honesty.

We only work with properties that we believe we can take forward. We don't like to waste owners' time if we're not confident that the product will be a success.

To do so, please, just fill in the form with all the relevant information and send to our email address photos that summarize the property, and then, if it's attractive, we'll arrange a visit and evaluate "in situ" the next steps.

Each of our services is created to guarantee quality and peace of mind for our clients:

- Online management of the entire process.
- Your advert on the main real estate portals.
- Real estate expert at your disposal.
- Positioning in online portals.
- Professional photos for your property.
- We select the best clients.
- Comprehensive management: we adapt to the needs of each owner. Cleaning, laundry, technical service, swimming pools, gardens, key handover, 24-hour assistance...
- Delivery of keys "in hand". We receive each client personally, giving a treatment and closeness that few can offer.
- We process the registration and obtaining of the holiday licence, as well as the registration in the department of the police.
- We register each guest online with the accommodation department at the same time as the keys are handed over.
- Replacement and repair of any large/small appliances immediately.
- Extra cleaning to be agreed with the tenant.
- Extra services for tenants: transport, excursions, chef in house, etc.
Open and close your accommodation whenever you want
Marketing investment
You control the availability
We're available 24 hours a day for your advice

You choose how to manage your villa

What do you gain with us
  • Take advantage of a composed and qualified service from the request to the arrival of the client.
  • We position your ad on other portals such as: Airbnb, Expedia, Trivago, among others.
  • Find the perfect guest.
  • Complete and personal consultation on every aspect of the vacation rental.
  • Have a specialist at your side with experience.
  • Your property in the best house portal.
  • Tranquility and confidence.
  • We adapt 100% to your needs.
  • Maximum possible profitability.
  • Being in professional hands with a proven reputation and track record of more than 20 years.
  • 100% transparency and honesty in all our management.
  • Absolute freedom to dispose of your property at all times.
  • There are no strings attached, just a commitment to ongoing bookings.
  • We get involved and treat each property as if it were our own.

Feel safe at all times, you'll be surrounded by experts who will be happy to advise you to find the best way to get the most out of your villa, always complying with all the guarantees and under the premise of transparency and honesty towards our clients. We work with thousands of properties that support our work. One of our priorities is to make the most of your time, that's why we don't like to waste the owners' time, backing and working to ensure that the product is going to be successful. We focus on positioning the holiday accommodation as a tourist reference on the Mediterranean Coast in the present and future.

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