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Luxury Country houses in Lanzarote

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If you're looking for somewhere with a touch of the exotic, the island of Lanzarote is a must. It's a perfect destination for those seeking luxury in a more discreet way, offering a wide range of high-end accommodation such as villas.


For travellers looking for a luxury holiday with a touch of exclusivity, HolidayRentals365 has a wide range of private villas that offer a unique experience. These accommodations are usually located in quiet and exclusive areas, with stunning views of the sea or countryside.


You can choose from modern and extravagant villas to others that aren't so flashy, but have exclusive equipment inside. So you can pick the one that best suits your needs, deciding between austerity or privacy.


Why choose a luxury country house in Lanzarote?

Choosing one of the luxury country houses available at HolidayRentals365, brings with it a series of advantages that make it an attractive option for you, especially if you're looking to spend a holiday in a quiet and exclusive environment such as Lanzarote.


Privacy and tranquillity

Most of the luxury country accommodations that you can find on our website are typically located in the quietest and most secluded areas of the island. This is ideal if you're travelling as a family or group, looking for a relaxed and uncrowded holiday.



If you like personalised accommodation, there's nothing better than a luxury home, these usually have many unique features, which will also allow you to have a unique experience.



For a comfortable holiday you'll need space and selecting a luxury country house is synonymous with this, these stand out for being more spacious than other types of accommodation, which will give you the possibility of having more freedom and comfort. This is ideal if you're travelling as a family or in groups, as you would need more space for everyone to relax or entertain.

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