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Duplex in Majorca for families

0 Available Family Duplex

Advantages of staying in a family duplex

If you choose a holiday in Majorca with your family, these are the advantages of choosing this type of accommodation for your stay:


1. Space: Duplexes usually offer more space than a traditional hotel room, allowing families to have more comfort and mobility.

2. Privacy: By having two separate levels, family members can enjoy more privacy. Parents can have their own space while children have theirs. In addition, it's an independent house and not just a shared room.

3. Fully equipped kitchen: Our duplexes have a fully equipped kitchen, making it easy to prepare meals at home. This can be especially convenient for families with young children or people with special dietary needs, as well as saving money compared to eating out.

4. Additional amenities: Duplexes often offer additional amenities, such as separate living areas, multiple bathrooms, balconies or terraces, or access to the pool. These additional amenities can make the stay more comfortable and enjoyable for the whole family.

5. More flexibility: By having a larger, separate space, families have more flexibility to organise their day as they wish without schedules. This allows each family member to have their own space and time to relax or do individual activities.


Book a duplex in Mallorca and enjoy your family holiday!


Why stay in a Duplex in Mallorca?

Opting to rent a holiday duplex in Mallorca offers a number of qualities that make this accommodation option very attractive to visitors.


Many of our duplexes in Mallorca have private terraces or balconies, allowing you to enjoy the Mediterranean climate and panoramic views. These outdoor spaces are ideal for relaxing, enjoying al fresco dining or simply taking in the island's scenery. In addition, the duplexes offer the possibility of flexible space distribution, adapting it to the needs and preferences of the guests.


Finally, staying in a duplex allows you to immerse yourself in the local culture and live like a resident of the island. Being located in residential areas, guests can access local shops, authentic restaurants and experience the Mallorcan lifestyle in a more immersive way.


In short, staying in a duplex in Mallorca provides more space, privacy, access to terraces or balconies or even pools, more flexibility and additional amenities. These qualities make this accommodation option ideal for those looking for a comfortable and personalised stay on the beautiful island of Mallorca.


Enjoy your family holidays in Mallorca

Mallorca is an ideal destination for a family holiday with children for several reasons:



It's the ideal destination for a family holiday with children, offering beautiful beaches, child-friendly activities and attractions, a stunning natural environment, family-friendly infrastructure and safety. All this makes Mallorca a perfect place to create unforgettable family memories, so enjoy your family duplex in Majorca!

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