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Playa del Ingles holidays

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Playa del Ingles holidays are all about the beach – an enormous blanket of golden sand and rolling dunes. The nightlife in this supercharged town also brings the crowds from far and wide.

What to expect of your Playa del Ingles vacation

The most famous of Gran Canaria’s resorts is all lit up and ready to go. Think sun, sea and style with its broad beach, trendy clubs and a top-notch shopping scene. You won’t be without entertainment as the sun goes down, with live music and cabaret to pair with cocktails.

One of Europe’s biggest resorts

Playa del Ingles, set on the southernmost tip of Gran Canaria, it’s brimming with purpose-built apartment complexes and hotels, big-name nightclubs, and a Saharan-sized beach. Come summer, it draws a young crowd looking to party, but with its long list of daytime activities, it’s a certified family favourite, too.

Standout beach scene

The resort has almost 3 kilometres of white sand all to itself – 8 kilometres if you include Maspalomas and San Agustin next door. It’s widest at the western end and narrows to a thin wisp to the east. Watersports are laid close to the Annexo shopping centre, and the main part of the beach is backed by a 2-kilometre promenade crammed with snack bars, pubs and souvenir stores.

Duty-free boutiques

Playa del Ingles is a shopper’s paradise. There are 12 commercial centres, which provide a quick fix of duty-free shopping, whether you’re after electronics or designer clothes. Lots of them are home to bars and pubs, which come to life when the sun goes down. The Kasbah Centre has all the trendiest bars while Yumbo is the hub for a thriving gay scene.

Average weather in Playa del Ingles

The climate in Maspalomas is so pleasant that it’s no surprise that lots of visitors choose this destination for their vacation throughout the year. Here’s the average temperature and rainfall in Playa del Ingles:


  1. January: 21º C and 31 mm
  2. February: 21º C and 23 mm
  3. March: 22º C and 13 mm
  4. April: 23º C and 5 mm
  5. May: 24º C and 1 mm
  6. June: 24º C and 1 mm
  7. July: 27º C and 0 mm
  8. August: 28º C and 0 mm
  9. September: 27º C and 5 mm
  10. October: 26º C and 20 mm
  11. November: 24 º C and 22 mm
  12. December: 22º C and 33 mm

Things to do in your Playa del Ingles holidays

As you can imagine, such an important tourist destination as Playa del Ingles offers plenty of things to do for the visitor. Here’s a small selection of alternativas you can enjoy.

Try fresh fish

If you like your fish freshly netted and lightly grilled, Playa del Ingles is the fastest path to food nirvana. Here you can look out for the restaurants with tanks of crustaceans in their windows. Most places here do an excellent line in grilled sardines, monkfish and calamari.

Enjoy a cabaret show

Hilarious drag shows have been part and parcel of Playa del Ingles folklore for many years, and they continue to delight unsuspecting audiences. With outrageous outfits that even Lady Gaga would balk at and routines you won’t forget in a hurry, Yumbo Centre provides a night out you’ll remember for a long time.

Beachfront restaurants

With the Atlantic Ocean right on the doorstep, it’s no surprise that Playa del Ingles offers a strong line in fresh fish! You’ll find the coastline is sprinkled with a range of cuisines too, from Indian to Italian. Take your pick and sit down to enjoy a feast with views of waves lapping at the shore.

Where to stay for your Playa del Ingles vacation

Logically, Playa del Ingles has a big amount of holiday rentals that you can enjoy depending on your needs.


The great location of Playa del Ingles in the south of Gran Canaria, the sunniest on the island, is perfect for all kinds of villas, like villas with private pools, luxury villas, beach villas, cheap villas and even villas for groups.


Of course, there’s always a less expensive option in Playa del Ingles, such as apartments of all types. Here you can find beach apartments, luxury apartments or cheap apartments with plenty of equipment and amenities.


The intermediate alternative to the previous options are bungalows in Playa del Ingles. They aren’t as big as villas, but neither as ‘small’ as apartments. Get to know the amazing beach bungalows, luxury bungalows, cheap bungalows and private pool bungalows.

Similar destinations to Playa del Ingles

In Gran Canaria you can also find alternative destinations for your Playa del Ingles holidays.


There are few spots where the sea, the sky and the sand connect to form such an idyllic spot as Maspalomas beach in south Gran Canaria. Walking past the old lighthouse, visitors can peruse the local shops, or dine out without losing sight of the ocean. The wind and the sand create unique sculptures in the landscape and every Maspalomas sunset is spectacular.


This important tourist resort, located very close to Playa del Ingles, is the ideal place to relax and have a good time. Strolling along its large promenade, jogging along the seafront or enjoying the best after-dinner drinks with extraordinary views are just some of the countless plans on offer in Meloneras, one of the most attractive spots on the island.

Puerto Rico

Seeing the sea when you wake up, having breakfast by the beach and sunbathing all year round are just some of the benefits of Puerto Rico. In south Gran Canaria, this place stands out thanks to its white buildings running down the hillsides right to the coast. The sea is calm all year round and the marina is the perfect jumping-off point for a boat or yacht trip to see dolphins.

Puerto de Mogan

The pretty, welcoming fishing village of Puerto de Mogan still maintains its local feel. Its spectacular architecture contrasts with its flowery gardens and bridged canals. The golden beach is so inviting that it’s hard not to lie down on the golden sand or dive into the calm water as soon as you arrive. This peaceful location makes visitors feel happier as it connects them with childhood memories of idyllic holidays in villages and by the seaside.


With all this in mind, we’re pretty sure that your Playa del Ingles holidays will be unique. What are you waiting for? All you have to do is start packing!


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