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Puerto Rico & Amadores holidays

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With its big sandy beach and round-the-clock fun, Puerto Rico caters to families and party-seekers alike. A hillside of stacked-up, whitewashed buildings adds character all around the sweeping shoreline, and there’s plenty to get stuck into among the waves, too. It’s sheer beachfront beauty all wrapped up.

What to expect of your Puerto Rico vacation

Holidays to Puerto Rico serve up more hours of sunshine than anywhere else on Gran Canaria. And once the sun's gone down, this town gets dressed up for a lively nightlife.

Tonnes of fun

Puerto Rico is a fun-loving Canary Island town with a modern feel to it on Gran Canaria’s southwest coast. Squeezed into the steep slopes of a volcanic valley are tall white hotels and large shopping complexes that major in duty-free shopping, international cuisine and 5-star entertainment.

A duo of beaches

Puerto Rico has two standout beaches to its name. To the north is horseshoe-shaped Amadores Beach, a Blue Flag-winning, 800-metre sweep of golden sand and a hotspot for watersports. Then in the town centre is Puerto Rico Beach. This crescent of family-friendly sand is backed by a promenade with bars, tropical gardens and two public swimming pools.

The shopping paradise

Puerto Rico is home to Mogan Mall, the largest shopping centre in southern Gran Canaria with 86 shops and restaurants to eat, a supermarket… But the main attraction is, undoubtedly, its water fountain, which is the largest of its kind in the Canary Islands. Every evening is lit up with an amazing spectacle of music lights and lazers.

Average weather in Puerto Rico

The climate in Puerto Rico is so pleasant that it’s no surprise that endless visitors pick this destination for their holidays throughout the year. Here’s the average temperature and rainfall in Puerto Rico:

  1. January: 21º C and 31 mm
  2. February: 21º C and 23 mm
  3. March: 22º C and 13 mm
  4. April: 23º C and 5 mm
  5. May: 24º C and 1 mm
  6. June: 24º C and 1 mm
  7. July: 27º C and 0 mm
  8. August: 28º C and 0 mm
  9. September: 27º C and 5 mm
  10. October: 26º C and 20 mm
  11. November: 24 º C and 22 mm
  12. December: 22º C and 33 mm

Things to do in your Puerto Rico holidays

As you can imagine, such an important tourist destination as Puerto Rico offers plenty of things to do for the visitor. Here’s a small selection of alternativas you can enjoy.

Go dolphin-spotting off the coast

If you watched Flipper as a child, you’ll be pleased to know this stretch of the Atlantic is teeming with bottlenose dolphins, and a few pilot whales, too. A boat trip will stake out the parts of the ocean where these creatures play. When you spot a dorsal fin bobbing over the waves, you’ll know you’re hot on their trail. And make sure you have your camera at the ready – you never know when a dolphin might leap out of the ocean.

Catch the rays on Amadores Beach

Amadores Beach – literally, Lovers’ Beach – is a place that knocks you off your feet. One of Gran Canaria’s most iconic bays, it’s in a perfect horseshoe-shaped bay, and fringed with pine trees. You can curl up with a good book, take a dip in the cobalt water, or stretch your legs along the pier. And since this is the sunniest spot on the island, make sure you keep applying the suntan lotion.

Eat a seafood platter in the marina

The marina, known as Puerto Escala, has a stellar line-up of restaurants that face out to sea, so you can tuck into a tuna steak or a sea bream while watching the fishing boats roll in. And if you’ve got a whale-sized appetite, order a seafood platter which will get you mussels, prawns, lobster, crab and razor clams. Need a wine to wash it down? Try a bottle of Malvasia – apparently William Shakespeare was a fan of this sweet grape.

Where to stay for your Puerto Rico vacation

Puerto Rico is known to have many vacation rentals that you can enjoy according to your needs.


The great situation of Puerto Rico in southwestern Gran Canaria, the sunniest on the island, is perfect for all kinds of villas, like villas with private pools, luxury villas, beach villas, cheap villas and even villas for groups.


Of course, there’s always a less expensive option in Puerto Rico, such as apartments of all types. Here you can find beach apartments, luxury apartments or cheap apartments with plenty of equipment and amenities.


The intermediate alternative to the previous options are bungalows in Puerto Rico. They aren’t as big as villas, but neither as ‘small’ as apartments. Get to know the amazing beach bungalows, luxury bungalows, cheap bungalows and private pool bungalows.

Similar destinations to Puerto Rico

In Gran Canaria you can also find alternative destinations for your Puerto Rico holidays.


There are few spots where the sea, the sky and the sand connect to form such an idyllic spot as Maspalomas beach in south Gran Canaria. Walking past the old lighthouse, visitors can peruse the local shops, or dine out without losing sight of the ocean. The wind and the sand create unique sculptures in the landscape and every Maspalomas sunset is spectacular.

Playa del Inglés

Playa del Inglés, the sister town of Maspalomas, is the ideal spot for a fun holiday. Perfect for kayaking and walking along the beach, as well as renting jet skis, dining out at beachfront restaurants and exploring the vast sand dunes with the family. If you have any spare energy, there are plenty of lively night spots in the resort.


This important tourist resort, located right next to Maspalomas, is the ideal place to relax and have a good time. Strolling along its large promenade, jogging along the seafront or enjoying the best after-dinner drinks with extraordinary views are just some of the countless plans on offer in Meloneras, one of the most attractive spots on the island.

Puerto de Mogan

The pretty, welcoming fishing village of Puerto de Mogan still maintains its local feel. Its spectacular architecture contrasts with its flowery gardens and bridged canals. The golden beach is so inviting that it’s hard not to lie down on the golden sand or dive into the calm water as soon as you arrive. This peaceful location makes visitors feel happier as it connects them with childhood memories of idyllic holidays in villages and by the seaside.


With all this in mind, we’re pretty sure that your Puerto Rico holidays will be unforgettable. What are you waiting for? All you have to do is start packing!

Most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Puerto Rico holidays

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