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Villas on the beach in Majorca

0 Available Beach Villas

Advantages of staying in a villa in Mallorca

1. More Space: A villa stands out for being very spacious, so it offers more space than a hotel or other type of holiday home. They also have outdoor areas such as private pools, terraces, gardens and barbecue areas.

2. Privacy: Renting a villa in Mallorca will allow you to enjoy a private space without the interference of other guests.

3. Flexibility: Choosing to rent a villa in Mallorca allows you to have complete control over your holiday experience, with no timetable for meals or staying in the resort.

4. Amenities: All our villas are equipped with all the amenities you need for a comfortable holiday, such as fully equipped kitchens, air conditioning or cable TV.

5. Price: Although a villa in Mallorca can be more expensive than a hotel, if you split the cost between a group of friends or family, the cost can be considerably reduced and it is a very good option to enjoy the space and privacy of a holiday accommodation.

6. Location: Some of our villas are located in quiet areas away from the tourist areas, allowing you to experience the true beauty of Mallorca.


Why choose a villa near the beach in Mallorca?

If staying in a villa in Mallorca is already a perfect experience, staying near the beach is extraordinary. Here are some of the many advantages of choosing this type of property for your next holiday:



If you prefer other type of holiday rentals in Majorca

On the island of Majorca we have numerous types of accommodation near the beach like bungalows, penthouses, apartments or studios. So if you're thinking of spending an incredible holiday in one of the best villas in Mallorca, now is the time.

We're waiting for you! Our staff is always at your disposal to help you with anything you need.


Don't miss the opportunity to create lasting memories with your loved ones. Contact us today to book one of our family villas and get ready for an unforgettable holiday!


Where to stay in Mallorca

The best areas to stay in Mallorca include the following:


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